Dr. Martin Jaschinski

Dr. Martin Jaschinski

Certified Attorney for Intellectual Property Rights

Martin Jaschinski was admitted to the Bar in 1997. After working for three years at a highly specialized public law firm, he helped to set up JBB Rechtsanwälte in 1999 and has been a partner ever since.

He assists large and medium-sized companies in the fields of advertising, market positioning and market development. This includes providing legal advice on advertising campaigns and other drives and strategic advice on combating challenges by organizations or competing businesses; he also represents clients both in and out of court in disputes involving competition law and trademark law. Martin Jaschinski also advises firms on how to defend their own market position by warding off other companies’ illegal activities on the market. In addition, he helps businesses to implement new ideas and concepts involving contests and games of chance. His clients include telecommunications companies, advertising agencies, commercial gambling agencies and businesses actually staging competitions and contests.


Specialist Qualification

Fachanwalt für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz (Certified IPR Attorney)


Focus Areas

Competition law, trademark law, gambling law



The Restriction of the Definition of Gambling and its Consequences – Also commentary on the decisions of the Federal Administrative Court of Germany (BVerwG) of October 16th 2013 (8 C 21.12) and of January 22nd 2014 (8 C 26.12), ZfWG 2014, 160

Author and co-author of numerous essays, articles and textbooks.



Deutsche Vereinigung für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht e.V. (German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik e.V. (German Society for Law & Computer Science)

“Information Technology”: study group at the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV)


Professional Training

On completing his training as a bank clerk, Martin Jaschinski studied jurisprudence at the Universities of Münster, Geneva and Freiburg. After graduating he worked on his doctorate, writing a doctoral dissertation on public liability that was supervised by Prof. Friedrich Schoch. He moved to Berlin in 1995, and as a trainee lawyer spent periods working for the Film Subsidy Board, for an international business law firm, and for a specialized law firm in San Francisco.


Language Skills



Focus Areas

Competition Law