Dr. Michael Funke

Dr. Michael Funke


Dr. Michael Funke has been working for JBB since being admitted to the Bar in Berlin in 2017. In his work he focuses on providing legal advice on matters involving data privacy and copyrights, as well as on more general aspects of IT law.

Dr. Funke assists clients in all areas where data privacy law applies, putting a special emphasis on implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in a business context and focussing on the various legal issues and practical problems which that involves. The services he offers here range from helping to draft internal data privacy documentation, advising on relevant staff training, communicating with customers and users, and representing clients in dealings with government authorities and other official bodies.

In the fields of copyright law and IT law, Dr. Funke’s main tasks involve drafting contracts and providing advice on licensing matters.


Professional Training

Michael Funke studied jurisprudence in Göttingen, passing the First State Exam there in 2011. Concentrating on legal issues relating to copyright law, IT law, data protection and privacy law, he subsequently worked as an academic assistant to Prof. Dr. Gerald Spindler, who at the same time supervised his doctoral thesis. In 2017 he was awarded a doctor’s degree for his dissertation about consent as required under data protection law. In the same year he also completed his legal clerkship in Berlin, during which he had spent periods working as a trainee lawyer for the Federal Ministry of Economics, Berlin District Court and JBB Rechtsanwälte.


Language Skills


Focus Areas

Data Protection Law
Copyright Law
IT/ Software