Robert Weist

Robert Weist


Robert Weist became licensed to practise law in Berlin in 2009. The main focus of his work since 2010 has been the enforcement of air passenger rights, in particular claims to compensation under REGULATION (EC) no. 261/2004 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 11 February 2004. He has represented the interests of air passengers in more than a thousand cases brought before all courts of relevance in such matters, and so he is fully conversant with the extensive legal aspects of air passenger rights. Robert Weist has also been instrumental in strengthening the rights of air passengers in Germany, having for a time taken over the management of EUclaimDeutschland. In return for commission, EUclaim not only provides financial assistance by indemnifying air passengers against the costs of filing legal action to assert their rights: it is also able to argue hard facts to refute the dictates of the supposedly superior airlines.  For EUclaim has access to a database in which around 12 million datasets are recorded every day – including amongst other things scheduled takeoff and landing times, actual takeoff and landing times, weather conditions at the places of departure and arrival, and information on out-of-the ordinary circumstances such as strikes, clouds of volcanic ash and the like. From this general compilation of data, statistical figures can be calculated for a particular date at a particular airport for example, in order to establish whether on that day air traffic was disrupted generally or flights were operating normally. As EUclaim’s retained lawyers, Robert Weist and JBB Rechtsanwälte enforce air passengers’ claims on an on-going basis in literally thousands of lawsuits. The combination they offer of factual analysis and in-depth legal expertise has proved both effective and successful as a means of asserting air passengers’ claims.


Robert Weist read law at Berlin University, majoring in competition law, anti-trust law, industrial property rights and copyright law. “Protection of Industrial Property/Copyright Law” was just one of the seminars he attended. He took Part I of the state qualifying examination in 2006. Even before beginning his legal clerkship, Robert Weist gained work experience at a regional law firm specialising in building law and real estate law. Robert Weist completed his legal clerkship at the Court of Justice in Berlin from 2007 until 2009. For the prescribed term of state civil law training, he chose to work at Berlin District Court in the civil division handling disputes involving competition law, trademark law and copyright law. Since he already spent part of the prescribed term of practical legal training working at JBB Rechtsanwälte, he has been able here to build on and consolidate his expertise in the field of industrial property rights.

Associations and memberships

Robert Weist is a member of the German Travel Law Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Reiserecht e.V. (DGfR)).

Focus Areas

Air Passenger Rights